The Windrose Apartment Hotel offers guests a boutique hotel experience without the fuss. Expect individualized attention from our staff of local guides with the privacy akin to staying at a friend's home. Located in one of the city's most idyllic areas, guests step outside into the heart of Savannah - a splendid mix of shopping, dining, and old-town charm.


Experience the Windrose Apartment Hotel in Savannah GA

Just a little history.

Savannah's recorded history began in 1733 when General James Oglethorpe and the 120 passengers aboard the good ship "Anne" landed on a bluff along the Savannah River. Almost three centuries later, a city dripping in history, stories, and experience continues to enhance the lives of both her natives and her guests. Far from immune to Savannah's magical charm, we decided to join in adorning her.

The Windrose Apartment Hotel Experience in Savannah GA